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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Rush IS ON! Part 2 of 2

Wow, so many pics they would not fit in one blog.  That will teach me to make more "blog" time and not leave until it gets big.  Okay, so, Mark was hard to make things for.  Sheesh, what do you get your man for free or at little cost?  Well, Devin and I will be making this tomorrow.  Have not been able to get into the shop to make it yet, Mark has been hogging.  I can't wait to see what he is making me!  I made him some coupons for massages, car washes, breakfast and dinners.  He should like those.  We made him a seed vault.  We are putting in a big garden this year and that should be fun.  Will also download Google Sketch-up for him so he can design the garden.  Fun program if you haven't tried it: and I made everyone the rice heat bags.  Love those things, we have had one I bought for years and everyone fights over it.  Now everyone will have their own.
This is the lid of the seed vault.  We made it from a huge pickle jar!

We got a bunch of seeds.  Still have more to get, but this is a great start!  The tomatoes will be fun, which ones will come up?

One of Devin's old cotton shirts sewn into a bag, filled with rice.  You add a ribbon to hand it from a door.  This gets heated in the microwave for a minute to a minute and a half and soothes aches and pains.
The crochet/sewing mess!

The wrapping sewing mess.  Please notice the zombie for my son,, too funny.

The it really would not fit anywhere else mess!
Okay, so today I will clean up the mess and finish the projects.  Everything was just too numerouse to photo or blog.  Next year I will do better, I hope.  Here are a few other things; Naelyn is getting framed artwork I made, Devin an indoor knuckle mat with marbles.  I made the mat.  Meyaka gets food!  Things we canned and also fun stuff we bought her at H-mart and some dishes from Cost Plus. Somethings cannot be made.  Crochet stuff will be divided up.  It is going to be a wonderful Christmas!  Hope yours is wonderful too!


    Well you know I have been sewing up a storm for the last few months in my 'spare' time. The main items this year are -
    Kleenex covers for travel packs- keeps them from sliding out of the plastic wrapper. I made 30 for work alone!
    Rice therapy bags- they work in the freezer too. I made pillow style ones this year, small bags of white muslin with cases made of pretty materials. These are great gifts as they need to be replaced every year anyway :) I like the covers so they can be washed , especially useful if you want to use pretty smelling oils with them (the guys not so much :B)
    Microwave fingertip potholders. I thought these were silly until I burned my fingers on a bowl. *doh*
    Mu traditional thing baggies- cloth bags with elastic tops in various sizes. Surprisingly useful.
    And my fave for this year- little pincushions in various styles with a smiley face of pins. More people are sewing and crafting nowadays so they are handy. I meant to take some nice pics of them and forgot. I used a variety of my darling fabrics and they turned out so darn cute!I ended up making a couple hundred items all together. But that includes some of the charity items like the two 18 inch dolls I made the wardrobes for. I also made some of the above items too. Nothing makes you richer then sharing things made with love :)
    We also collected canning jars at a thrift store- all in spanking new shape and planned to give them out with fillings for soups and fancy hot drinks- but alas did not find replacement rings in time. Maybe those will be incorporated into some bday gifts instead. Triple chocolate brownie mix perhaps ...
    Love the wood carrier idea. I have some sturdy duck material I might use for something along those lines...plotting.....
    Home made rocks!

  2. qzanny, love all the great ideas and all you have done. I will post more after Christmas, did not want to give some things away. Rice therapy bags are one of my favorite things. You can see in the picture, I added a ribbon on the end to mine this year. The kids are always losing the one we have so I made them so they can hang on their door knobs. Thank you for the tip about freezing them. I did not know you could! Sadly had to sew all my stuff by hand as both machines are down. This I will fix as soon as possible after the holidays so I can continue to make things all year. I see a whole quilt under the tree for Mark next year! Have a wonderful day!


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