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Saturday, December 4, 2010

On the Cheap

Alright, told everyone we are trying to do Christmas for free or very little money, well with a ten year old who still believes in Santa, sorta hard.  But we went on a hunt today, Mark and I.  First, we wanted to get him marbles.  Went to Goodwill, ended up with 4 brand new books, and two funny presents for Marks Christmas party.  We got the whale character from Dr. Seuss's If I Ran with the Circus, brand new, with the tag on, for $1.99 this is  $ 12.67 wow, savings of $10.50.  Also got a High School Musical game, with the DVD, it was the original and never opened for $3.  Can't wait to see the guys he works with faces when they try and pass that on to the next person in the white elephant exchange!  Now the BIG news for those of you who have a Bi-mart.  We got the last two of these at the Tigard Bi-mart, but if you have one near, jump on it.  $25.00 on Amazon.  $5.99 at B-mart, THAT IS WHY WE GOT TWO, that was all they had, or I would have bought more. One hundred and fifty one marbles for that price, crazy.  We are making a marble mat, instruction book and a bridge to go with his marbles for Christmas, total for his Christmas, $11.98.  We had the makings for everything else in the craft closet or wood shop.  Will post the book and instructions on tomorrows blog !  ENJOY!

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