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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Quick Foodie Post

Alrightly then!  Had big hopes to get posted what I got for Christmas and how our Christmas went.  I also wanted to post what we are having doing for New Years, but with the kids and Christmas time.  I did find myself, in the only moments I had in between running one to work, the other to Target to spend the gift card on yet another Zombie video game, looking for a really great food blog.  Something out of the ordinary and I think I found it for us folks!  It may have been brought on by my middle daughters love of Korean sitcoms.  Sheesh, she has 3 years of French, a year of Japanese and what does she do?  Watches Korean TV.  Well at least she has a love of languages.
So now that you know what kind of food it is, you have to check out Maangchi, this is real Korean food, done in front of you with the videos you can follow along with!  I am amazed and can't wait to try a recipe or two.  I am only pondering which one first?  I have my own dumpling (pot sticker recipe) that I I am thinking....Dakkangjung or Japchae.  Which do you think?  I will let you choose.  Remember, I have small children who will complain if served the marinated squid, but all suggestions are appreciated!
If you make something let me know how it went.  Remember, if you have an H-mart nearby, they take coupons, have a great vegetable selection and a lot of the veggies 3 for the price of one.  I shop there all the time for produce in the winter, best selection around and great prices.  They also have the ready made Kim-chi if you don't want to make your own and they make it there so it is yummy.
Shall we try some of Maangchi's recipes together?  I can smell the Crispy Chicken (Dakkangjung) now.  imagine what a hit you would be if you served that for a New Years get together?  With some peoples peanut allergies, I would put them on the side in a crowd, but I can smell it now!

Dakkangjung or Crispy Chicken Yum!

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