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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

More thrifting...STOP ME ALREADY!

My thrifting money is usually whatever I get from cans and bottles.  Today I took back a bunch and bought a box of Capri Suns (Devin's lunch) and a pot pie for me.  Never get this stuff, but today, I admit it, it was good. My change was $17.49.  With the change I thought I would stop at my favorite thrift shop.  I needed a fat separator for making gravy this thanksgiving and had told my cousin I would look for Christmas books for her new baby, she wants to read a Christmas story a day during December to him.  Fabulous idea.  My favorite Christmas book is The Other Wise Man by Henry van Dyke so I was hoping to find a copy.  I knew I had to buy a new pair of pinking shears from Joann's also, so I could not spend much.

But I walked in and saw this:

Did I need that...NO!  Was it the cutest little rocking chair I have ever seen....well, yes, yes it was.  I asked her how much and she said $5 flat and I said you see the sold sign on it?  Yep, that is because I bought an antique children's rocker in great shape for $5.  Now what the heck am I gonna do with it you ask?  Mark asked too.....Well, I think I may just keep it for the time when I have grandchildren.  Devin even thought it was the cutest children's chair he had seen.  I REALLY like it. Am I defending this purchase for all I am worth right now, well, yes, yes I am.  Why?  Well look at it again.....if my behind could fit, I would be rocking for all I am worth right now.  See, look from this you can see the cute little feet.  Uhhem.......

I also found my fat separator and some cute little loaf pans.  I may be using the loaf pans for the children's kitchen I want to build from the last post.

Not sure why the picture insists on being sideways, but you can turn your neck, lol.  All of these were $1 total.

Next the books.  Did I find my favorite?  Well yes I did.....

Three are just paper backs, but still perfect for finding favorites.  They can always buy hard backs of the ones they really like later.  Cost, $.40 for all.  Yep, $.10 each.

Last but not least, my oldest daughter lives in a small apartment and has never had room for a tree.  This one will fit though and she is excited to get it!

I like real trees, but this one will work for her and not cost her money each year.  She works full time, lives on her own and goes to college.  It is a brand new, never been opened 31/2 foot tree.  It cost me a whole $1.  Have I told you how much I love thrifing?  Total cost for it all..$7.40.  I LOVE thrifting!

I also managed to stop at Joann's and using my 50% Michaels coupon (yep, they take Michaels coupons for craft type items) I got a nice pair of  Fiskars pinking shears and 5 sheets of scrap booking paper, used a 25% off from Michaels for that and it was on sale 5 sheets for $.95.  Grand total?  Well, you can see.


Won't the scrap book paper make great wall paper and carpet for the barbie house I want to make from yesterday's post?  Oh and I love when the savings in more than the total cost......YAY!  I hope you have a great time thrifting and using your coupons too this holiday season.  It will take a lot of the burden off and leave your bank account better off this season!

So I went over by a dollar or so.....have you got a point? Hahhhaaa


  1. Child size chairs are *perfect* for dolls and teddy bears to sit in :B Which in turn look really cute during the holidays holding presents!
    Guess who!

  2. Hmmmm. I love the idea. I had already thought of making my front window look like a toy shop. Have a small rocking chair....I think this chair might be a bit big, but I will try it for sure!


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